Long lives Hank - Breaking Bad After Hours

Hank living the life of the other side 

These photos were snapped of famouse breaking bad actor Deand Norris, Aka Hank. Appears to be "dabbed out" and the post used a nifty hashtag, "#breakingdsbs" check it out yourself @tpirex710 on Instagram 

It appears that Hank or Dean Noris who portrayed a DEA agent in Breaking Bad is to be Medicated. assuming he has his Certification. And a lol alibriated as the post on Instagram mentions #patron.

Dean Norris is not the only one to "come out the closet" so to speak. Medical marijuana society is growing much more large and is on the rise, and now that Washington is first in line to make marijuana fully legall. 

I predict a line of new jobs and a growth of pure living communities. Ie. plants, recycled materials and so forth. 

Please comment your opinions and thoughts below. 

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