Man leaps to Death After Wife Shops 5 Hours straight

Tao Hsiao, 38, was shopping with his girlfriend when after five hours(!) he'd finally had enough. Witnesses claim thatTao engaged in a heated argument with the woman after she wanted to go to one more store. Security surveillance then showed Tao beginning to toss around the bags of shoes that were already purchased before making the fateful leap seven stories to his death at the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center.


Now, I believe Mr. Hsiao definitely took things to the extreme, but going shopping with your girlfriend during the holiday season is nothing but an impending disaster. There will be complaints. There will be arguments. And in this case, there will be blood.  I have no idea why this practice has yet to be outlawed. Just say no, fellas. Scratch that, say hell no. 


I highly doubt this isolated incident drove this man to do what he did, so I'm guessing it was the breaking point of some type of built up frustration he held within himself. I have no idea what he was going through to lead to this point, but five hours of watching your girlfriend pick up and put down countless items can send even the strongest willed man into a frenzy.

Ladies, do us all a favor and keep the shopping to yourselves. We've got a game to watch.

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