The Riverside Historic "D'Elia's Grinders" To Open New Location

What Would You Do For A D'Elia's Grinder?

The city of Riverside should be thankful that D’Elia’s Grinders never expanded into a
big chain. 
The crispy-breadsandwich paradise on University Avenue is keeping a lot of people in town.
D’Elia’s addicts who live outside the area, according to Johnny Perrone, whose family owns D’Elia’s Says - 

• A guy in Northridge paid $100 for a courier service to bring him
• Another man shelled out big bucks to have two grinders sent to Colorado by
•Visiting grinder addicts sometimes stop in
Riverside on the way to the airport sothey can bring the sandwiches home for relatives. 

 There Is Nothing else Like It

The crunchy bread sets this place apart. It’s different from anything you’ll find atSubway or Quizno’s
or Togo’s. Just bewarethat you’re likely to find bits in your beardor goatee.





 Finally A D'Elia's Grinders Second location! 

At 6:00 pm  D'Elia's Grinders Facebook Announced that there Will Be A Second location Opening.
And As The Comment's And Shares Started. So, Did the questions. And Doubts. But, Not To Worry; D'Elia's Grinders Confirmed Facebook Account Has Confirmed The post themselves And Have Been Answering Any questions on There Facebook Page.

So, Where You Ask Is This Amazing Grinder Spot Going To open it's Next location? 
What Town is The Lucky City To Be The Next Home Of The D'Elia's Grinder? 
Well It Will Be At 19009 Van Buren Blvd... 

Target Open Date Feb 1st, 2014r.
What Do you think About The New Location? 
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