A Bullied Teen Receives a Life Changing Gift

Tormented over their looks?

Fifteen-year-old Renata Before her plastic surgery, 15-year-old Renata was diagnosed with a condition which caused her nose to lean to the left.

Renata had been taunted so cruelly over her appearance that she stopped attending school altogether; she’s been home-schooled for the last three years.
“They were just calling me ‘that girl with the big nose,’” Renata told NBC News. “It just really hurts. And you can’t get over it.”

A nonprofit in New York has an admirable mission: to provide free plastic surgery for low-income children who have facial deformities. Some of the kids who apply to the Little Baby Face Foundation do so because they are being teased over their looks. But is plastic surgery a smart way to help bullying victims? 

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