What Is A Lead Capture System (Funnel) And How To Build One

Setting up a lead capture system for a Sales Funnel is a lot like putting together a puzzle. You have to deliver a product to a prospect, after they have opted-in to one of your email marketing lists.

First you need to have a digital product.
 It Can Be A Service like This   Or It Can Be E-Books Like This
If it is in written form you need to convert it to a pdf. The easiest place to do that is at
  • Either choose some of your content, or upload a free product to share.
  • Open up the file and click on the Share button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Across from the statement Private – Only the people listed below can access click on Change.
  • In the next screen, click on Anyone with a Link, then Save.
  • Copy the url address so that you can share your content with the world.

#2. Install URL at the Thank You Page

Go to Aweber.com, or any other contact management system and set up a list:
  • Set up your Sign Up form, then install it at your website.
  • Now go back to your Form and click on the arrow to open up the drop-down under Forms and Responses. Click on “Sign Up Thank You Page”.
  • In the box under Instead of showing this thank you page, send subscribers to another URL, insert the url of your pdf that you just set up at docs.google.com.

#3. Add a new page at website.

You are not done until you create the link to the Sign-up page at your website.
  • Go to your website and open up a new page.
  • Type in a title for that page, then type in a brief description of the product.

#4. Add a link to your Sign-up page

Go back to aweber.com and click on Lists, then Forms.
  • When the Sign-up form opens up, click on the tab at the top-Share It.
  • Highlight the URL code (on the left) and Copy
  • Go back to your website, to the page  you just created
  • Click on the HTML tab in the upper right hand corner, then paste your copied code below your description.
  • Click on the Publish Button, then click on View Page.
All This Can Take up Much Time, And if your are Fairly new At Internet marketing, You Don’t Want to Waste your time Learning Or having no clue how to build a Capture System From Scratch.
So, this is why we have here the  Free L.O.P.O Marketing Capture System.
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