Just Another Marketing Tool? or is TrustJacker a Must Have?

The Oprah Effect


Not many things get me excited these days so when a truly unique and original money making software or concept comes across my desk, I perk up.

That’s exactly what happened this weekend when a good friend of mine told me that TrustJacker, my all time favorite underground software was about to be launched on the popular Clickbank Marketplace to the public.

The cool thing is, I’ve known all about Trust Jacker for some time now. Afterall, it’s been making me money over the last 12-months in numerous ways…

- DOES IT MAKE ME MONEY ON FACEBOOK? YES! Everytime I post a link on Facebook pointing to an authority site or web article, I earn money…even without using affiliate links ;-) more on that later!

- DOES IT INCREASE MY EMAIL MARKETING EARNINGS? YES! Trust Jacker has introduced a very clever way to increase my earnings on every single email I send out, and best of all, its effortless. It’s not just a few bucks either. I’m talking literally a 15% increase or more on almost every email, reliably just by tweaking the link I share in the email.

Do I have your attention yet? Because, if you ever do any email marketing you’re about to wet yourself, I promise.

- DOES IT MAKE ME MONEY ON MY BLOG? YES! I use TrustJacker to increase my earnings from nearly every blog post I make

- ON FORUMS? YES! I can now monetize certain popular forums I frequent without spamming my sig or my posts

- TWITTER? YES! Again, I am talking about just posting like normal on any social network I already post to anyway. The only difference is, I make money and no one but me even realizes it :)


I have to say, I particularly like this silent marketing concept. As a business man, I have to make money or I can’t continue living this amazing life as an entrepreneur but, I don’t particularly like to be viewed as a marketer.

So, when a tool makes it possible to make money without selling anything, just by doing the things I already do everyday (like social sharing, blog posting, forum posting, sending emails…and the list goes on), well, I really, really appreciate that.

So, that’s me revealing just the tip of the ice berg to you.

I won’t go on with examples of ways I’m using Trust Jacker to earn more income because there are just too many ways I use it. I have integrated it into the threads of my daily routine. The results have been astounding. I make a few dollars here and thousands of dollars there. I’m not exaggerating.

So, back to the story. For about a year, I’ve been loving this software and secretly shielding it from others. (I know, shame on me!)

I actually heard about this a few months ago at a high-end Mastermind group I attend with top SEO and Affiliate Marketing gurus and when we first discovered it, TrustJacker was the most talked about topic of the whole 3-day event in this private, underground group so, I knew immediately it was a BIG DEAL.

A few guys from the event went to their hotels the first night and came back the next day with PROOF that they had made money and increased opt-ins, conversions, all sorts of creative tricks were used… stuff I hadn’t even thought of!

So, on night-two, I went back to my hotel pretty late so I didn’t have much time to test it at that time. So, I simply posted a TrustJacker link on my blog, another one on Twitter and one more on Facebook. In all, It took me only a few minutes time. I had zero experience or guidance and, I may or may not have even had one too many drinks in me :)

I woke up to discover that I’d earned $9 while I slept.

Now, you may be thinking, “Nine bucks? Big deal!”

And, ordinarily, you’d be right. I mean, if I found $9 on the bus or in a shopping cart at the mall, it wouldn’t mean much at all. In fact, I’d probably just turn it in to whoever’s in charge and go about my day never to think of it again.

But, in my career, I’ve learned a thing or two.

One of those things: NEVER get caught up or excited about something without first trying it out to make sure it actually works. Some things are only good in theory and setting high expectations can often lead to let downs!


But, I learned another important thing, too: IF you test something and it makes you money, especially if it took very little effort AND it’s duplicatable or scaleable… then I don’t care what software, tool, method, strategy or approach we’re talking about (providing it’s not illegal), you had better TAKE NOTICE. Because you may have in your hands something rare and valuable. Money rarely comes effortlessly. That almost never happens.

Well, TrustJacker made me money while I was tipsy and tired, without having any guidance, with no experience and without a doubt, while I was a total noob to the concept.

So…. let’s think about this again… Did I get excited over $9? Oh yeah, I most certainly did.

I walked into our Mastermind hall that morning and I wasn’t even surprised to learn that others had similar stories to share that day about how they’d ALREADY monetized TrustJacker and we hadn’t even left the event yet.

I have no doubt that most of my colleagues from that Mastermind have gone on to make even more money TrustJacking everything they can. But, again, I rarely bring it up. I don’t talk about it much. I just use it every day as a simple tweak to the things I was already doing online… and, happily I’m earning more money because of it.

Since that weekend some months ago, I have yet to stop using TrustJacker every day in my business and I won’t stop. It has also opened a new door to me for creatively monetizing all sorts of things online. For example, everything I do, each idea I come up with to market a new product or whatever the case may be, I also ask myself if there is a way to TrustJack to increase my earnings and the answer is almost always a resounding YES!

The truth is, I would have posted about TrustJacker long ago. The only problem was Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones, the creators of the software only made it available in a private release for a very short few days and then immediately took it off the market for a long time!

I wanted to tell you about it months ago but there was no point because you wouldn’t have been able to use it anyway.

Now that they are finally releasing this amazing tool to the public, I wanted to be the 1st one to tell you about it.

I don’t recommend too many tools. But, if I could only promote ONE SINGLE SOFTWARE in 2013, without a doubt TrustJacker would be that tool.

I’m so stoked about this and so confident that you’ll like it yourself and that it will instantly become your favorite new toy for your online money making shenanigans, that I want to be doubly sure that you pick up a copy today.

So, here’s what I’m going to do…

Watch the Video where Rob & Gerry reveal this BRAND NEW and seriously ground breaking and, best of
all, SIMPLE way to make affiliate money like none I’ve ever seen.

Buy it, risk free.

When you do, send me an email at (vega.d.951@gmail.com) and include proof of purchase.

Within 72-hours I will email you the following BONUSES:


Viral Backpage Auto poster


Elite Lead Extractor


Social media Lead Extractor

Folks, this is a MUST SEE and a MUST HAVE!


Make SURE you buy with my link and not with anyone else’s. Even clear your cookies before going to the above link if you have to. Make SURE because I have to verify your sale was credited to me.

When you follow these simple instructions and buy a copy of TrustJacker today, I will GLADLY give you the above bonuses with the massive combined value of over $2040!

So, watch this video… the concept alone is mind bogglingly simple and beautiful.


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