Are You Chasing Sales The Wrong Way? Sales vs. Lead Nurturing Who Will Win?

“The difference between sales and marketing is quite simple – Marketing looks for Mr. Right. but, Sales looks for Mr. Right Now.”

In The Long Run - Sales should not do lead nurturing. What Is Lead Nurturing? 

Lead nurturing is the process of sharing valuable information (value to the recipient) so that, over time you earn trust to become the preferred provider when she becomes ready to buy.

Sales are motivated to close deals as quickly as possible. So they are looking for deals ideal for a quick close – deals especially with clear pain and budget. On the other hand, Marketing is looking for buyers in profile, so they can be gently nurturing and scored and over time, they can become qualified buyers – securing budget to address their pain.

Sales is from Venus and Marketing is from Mars


So, you’ve heard about the ongoing struggle between Sales and Marketing.  The cause of this challenge is the differences in motivation between the two groups.

  1. The quota-carrying group, Sales, is motivated to move as fast as humanly possible – hence they look for “right now” buyers.
  2. The non-quota carrying group, Marketing, tends to show considerably more patience – looking for “in-profile” buyers who can be gently nurtured and turned into buyers.
We see this in so-called leads given to Sales by Marketing. With Sales short-term focus, they tend to find a very large percentage not ready to buy. This is why Sales often says Marketing’s leads are “crap.”  Of course Marketing thinks the deals are in-profile and Sales would not recognize a good deal if it hit him in the face. Marketing think “If only these lazy sales guys would follow up on the good leads we’re giving them.”
Sales is from Venus and Marketing is from Mars. They don’t even speak the same language.

Disconnect between Sales and Marketing And Your Role 

Since Marketing and Sales are not on the same page, it’s more important than ever to get them on the same page and help them to understand each other. Here are three things you can do today to fix these problems once and for all:
  1. Create some bonding time
    There’s no substitute for quality time. Find an excuse to meet for breakfast or grab a few beers after work. Get to know the other person and become their friend.
  2. Train on the other’s roles
    In order to address the differences between Marketing and Sales, do some training. Teach Sales about Marketing and teach Marketing about Sales. The better they understand each other, the better they will deal with it.
  3. Develop an agreed Statement of Understanding
    Create a service level agreement. Ask Sales this question “What would you need in order to be absolutely sure you will follow up on a lead?”  Document what additional information marketing can provide and what Sales will do with the leads. Have both groups sign off on it.
I hope you found these insights around the differences between Sales and Advertising and marketing helpful. Love to read your comments and greatly appreciate people who share on social media.

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