Is MCA Really a Scam? Is All people Ask And I get Tired of it, No, MCA is Not a SCAM!

Is MCA Really a Scam??

Is MCA Really a ScamOne question that I get asked a lot Is MCA Really a Scam?? Now a scam is defined as a dishonest scheme or a fraud, meaning wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
At this point I am going to inform you on how this company and the opportunity that it offers is NOT a scam and share my personal experience with the company!
About 2 months ago I was introduced to MCA by a good friend of mine; he stated that “MCA is really the way to go, it doesn’t cost a lot and the benefits are great!”So I decided to take a look for myself and do a little research on it first, because I was also one of those people who say “I’m not interested in selling anything or some supposed get rich quick scheme,” and what I found was totally the opposite.
So I told my friend to send me the information that he uses for prospects and what not and I was sent this dull video that I did not want to look at, I’m honest enough to admit that lol. So, after I started seeing his buzz on Facebook about the opportunity and actually how much cash he was making, it made me think “Is MCA Really a Scam” So i  pulled back out that video and actually sat down and watched it, instead of dwelling on the question Is MCA Really a Scam.
I’m a full time student and parent plus I could REALLY use the extra cash and so when I decided to actually buy in which was ONLY $40 I might add, I went ALL IN!!!!
By all in, I mean I got right down to it and started driving people to my website and doing some unorthodox marketing methods I might add, because I’d never done any online marketing before, EVER. I used ONLY Facebook and managed to make $1,086 for my first paycheck! After that check, I took it a step further took photos of my benefits package and my check with myself in it and made a video going to the bank with my check and boy did that work wonders! People were messaging me and calling me left and right saying
Hey, how can I make that money online?
and from there I was solidified as a successful MCA Associate! I love MCA it has introduced me to some amazing opportunities! So, If you ask Me, Is MCA Really a Scam?? My Absolute Honest Opinion Would Be, NO. there are some things that could be better for example the company website to sign up looks crappy and could be better but it hasn’t stopped me from getting a sale because once someone is in, they stay in.

Is MCA Really a Scam? How Does It Work ?

Is MCA Really a ScamThe way MCA works is that you get people to sign up for the benefits of the company there are multiple packages with different benefits and you for the most part receive a whopping 200% commission!
The customer signs up by paying for 2 months (first and last month) for the benefits. The primary package is the Total Security for 19.95 a month which is 39.90 to get started and you make $80 per signup.
There is Marketing Website That You May Purchase and get made for you, that varies depending on the associate you go through, and the website is a capture system that breaks down every spec of the benefits package and really how to grow your business to receive a life-changing income.
The benefits for the Total Security package includes:
Is MCA Really a Scam
  • Emergency Road Service “ERS”
  • 24 Hour Dispatch “ERS” & 100 MILES OF TOWING
  •  Emergency Travel Expense
  • Emergency Ambulance Expense
  •  Travel Itinerary Service
  • $100 Traffic Court Defense

  • Stolen Automobile Reward
  • Personal Defense Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Traffic Court Appearance Bond
  • $10,000 Bail Bond & MORE!!!
Start today. Simple business.
Easy to learn…
Free Training..
Great Pay…
This position offers a high payout and you will be paid WEEKLY
via direct deposit!

Is MCA Really a ScamThis is a great company that has a number for associates to call whenever they need assistance and if you are going to do and need assistance there is Facebook groups for associates that everyone can ask questions and interact and actually share ideas and are very encouraging.
These benefits are so great that it pretty much sales it self you just have to market it and get it in front of people, and there are many places to get signups other than online which is the greatness of MCA.
Your Friends and family members, your Co-Workers, Facebook,Twitter,
All Social media, Online Forums, The Unemployment office, Job
Classified Sections, ANYBODY That need’s to make an Income or Anybody
that needs Towing and AAA Like Benefits..
This is not hard at all.
Is MCA Really a ScamEven if you sign up and only got one person to sign up you Doubled
your Money…
Here is the pdf with all the great benefits you will get with the
Motor Club of America -http://csiwealthteam.com/mca/mcaflipchart.pdf”
To get started with TVC and the Motor Club of America and get
INSTANTLY HIRED you will need $39.90 and that covers your first and
last of 100 mile Towing! Legal Benefits!

$50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Benefit, Your Associate
Starter Kit, Your Paperwork and your Company Website. **It is a
requirement for Starting**

Here is the Link to get started www.mcagoldsalesjob.info and follow through and watch the video, when you are ready to sign up click on the logo
and choose the option for go best now. ***Do Not use a Prepaid card***
Contact me if that is all you have!! Make sure that you see the name
Daniel Vega at the top!

Any further questions can be answered with the website and my info is there on my website.
That is all for now folks, and check out MCA where you can receive great benefits and go into business for yourself and making a great income from home! Now it’s important to add that you are signing up for the benefits and you should consider just that you are making a commitment to the company by getting these benefits.

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